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Ali Appointed As The Governor Of The Reserve Bank Of Fiji

Ali Appointed As The Governor Of The Reserve Bank Of Fiji

In accordance with section 153(4) of the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Fiji, has today appointed Mr Faizul Ariff Ali as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji (*‘Reserve Bank’*) for a term of 5 years with effect from today.

The appointment was made on the advice of the Constitutional Offices Commission (*‘Commission’*) which held its meeting today in which the Commission considered all applications as well as results of the interviews conducted and decided to recommend to His Excellency the President, the appointment of Mr Faizul Ariff Ali as the Governor of Reserve Bank of Fiji.

Programme in Wellington for the Pacific Chairs group - 16th August 2017

pacific chairsAlan Foote ( standing in for Chandar Sen) attended a day programme in Wellington for the Pacific Chairs group on Wednesday 16th August 2017.

Led by Peter Kiely , Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) Chairman , a team of 12 representing the Pacific Business Councils travelled from Auckland to the capital.

The programme commenced with a meeting at Parliament with Minister of Trade the Hon Todd McClay, who briefed us on the signing of Pacer Plus agreement. Then on to NZ Trade and Enterprise where we had a lunchtime working session with CEO Peter Chrisp which was followed by an introduction to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade , Asst Secretary Andrew Needs and his team.

In the evening the Pacific Cooperation Foundation hosted a cocktail evening which was attended by diplomatic corps, parliamentarians, government officials plus business people and other Pacific Islands stakeholders.

This was a great opportunity to be able to hear what the Ministry and others were doing with the Pacific Islands and discuss directly with the Minister, The CEO of NZTE and officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Members of the executive committee joined Mere Tora,

Members of the executive committee joined Mere Tora, Fiji’s outgoing deputy head of mission, for dinner on 30 July 2017. Mere departed New Zealand the following day after more than seven years of service at the High Commission in Wellington.

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NZ-Fiji relations at an all-time high

The Annual Joint Conference is a critical event on the calendar says Fiji’s Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism and Mineral Resources, Hon. Faiyaz Siddiq Koya.

Guests gathered at Auckland’s Pullman Hotel on Thursday for the New Zealand Fiji Business Council (NZFBC) and its sister organisation, the Suva-based Fiji-NZ Business Council (FNZBC) Joint Conference themed around building “Stronger Relations and Stronger Nations”.

The full-day event, featuring an impressive list of guest speakers including Minister Koya, also marked the 30th anniversary of the NZFBC.

New Zealand has been a part of Fiji’s history for so many years now, and this event has often been a catalyst for whatever is happening at the time, Minister Koya says.

“You have New Zealand business people here who already do business in Fiji and those wanting to do business,” he says.

“As our honourable Prime Minister (Frank Bainimarama) says, we are open for business … this forum is probably at the top of the list in terms of importance, due to Fiji’s relationship with New Zealand, and the huge diaspora based here, who want to return to Fiji to business.”

Fiji offers many opportunities in agriculture, mining, infrastructure, ICT and manufacturing, which have been discussed and showcased at this forum.

“The forum is a critical part of our programme, and I was happy to come to speak,” the Minister says.

Fiji is currently in an unprecedented seventh year straight of economic growth, and NZ businesses are encouraged to jump on the wave of prosperity, he says.

New Zealand’s largest economic partner in the Pacific has stable, pro-business and pro-growth government policies, enabling a conducive environment to a buoyant economy, while the private sector has lived up to its billing as an engine to growth, the Minister says.

This has led to the modernisation of roads, ports, ICT and linkages to markets, with a focus to capitalise on Fiji being a “hub in the Pacific” for trade and investment.

Plans are in place for the Special Economic Zone, located between Nadi and Lautoka on 60 acres of land, where businesses can set up in a tax-free zone with excellent ICT connectivity, which is also close to ports.

Minister Koya says with so much interest being expressed by the private sector, it is hoped the site will be laid out in the next six months.

Another sign of the value Fiji places on NZ as a partner is the creation of a Trade Commission in Auckland, opening soon and led by Consulate General of Fiji Zarak Khan.

Also speaking at the conference was NZ’s Chairperson of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Todd Muller MP, who says he can attest the important linkages NZ has with its Pacific neighbours and these partnerships underpin who we are as a nation.

He acknowledged the important role the two host business councils play in relationship building with Fiji, and that bilateral relations between NZ and Fiji are on a “positive trajectory”.

“New Zealand and Fiji complement each other, but it’s important we don’t take each other for granted,” Mr Muller adds.

President of NZFBC Chandar Sen and FNZBC Craig Strong also reiterated NZ and Fiji relations were at an all-time high, with trade blossoming and ample activity within the service sector.

“New Zealand companies are very active in infrastructure projects in Fiji … we are looking at steps to take this further, and events like today can help us to do that,” Mr Sen says.

The last 30 years has not been without some turbulence for NZ and Fiji, but trade and economic linkages have remained resilient and underpinned the two nation’s relationship over that time.

As economic confidence grows, membership numbers to the councils are increasing and they have a combined number of 200 plus members, from across a diverse range of sectors, of varying sizes.

Following Minister Koya’s address to the delegation, four sessions were held, on Our Business Environment; Opportunities; Growth Drivers; and Innovations, with panellists discussing issues within these areas.

The day concluded with a conference dinner and celebrations for NZFBC 30th anniversary.

Visit and for more information on NZFBC and FNZBC.


Trade in goods exceed $750 million – Fiji Times Online